often shortened to Dassa, is a city in Benin, in the Department Collines, on the Cotonou to Parakou railway and the main north-south highway.
The distance from Dassa-Zoumé to Cotonou is 209 kilometers. The commune covers an area of 1711 square kilometres and as of 2013 had a population of 112.118 people.
The city is known as a place of pilgrimage, the Virgin Mary said to have appeared in La Grotte Marial Notre Dame d’Arigbo, around which a basilica has since been built, containing several shrines. Many pilgrims from Benin and other countries come here together in the month of August.
Dassa-Zoumé has 41 hills. The city is also known for its surrounding forests. It is good place for walking, bicycling, excursions and even hiking.
Visit the market Glazoué.
Jama’at Islamique Ahmadiyya Benin has built its central Mosque (Mosquee Moubarqiue) here in 2010. It is a beautiful mosque with a tall 18 meters minaret just outside the city on main road towards Parakou.

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