Houéyogbé is a city a town, arrondissement and Commune in the Mono Department in the South Western in Benin. It covers 290 kilometers square and 74 492 people in 2002.  The people in Houéyogbé speak the languages Sahouè, Fon, Kotafon and Mina.
The religion is traditional 65,0%, Catholics 20,6%, Protestant 0,4% and others 13,5%.
The commune is subdivided into 6 arrondissements: Dahé, Doutou, Honhoué, Houéyogbé, Sè, Zoungbonou. It is limited in the North by Lokossa and Bopa, in the South by Comé and Grand Popo, in the East by Comé, in the West by Athiémé.
Colourful Butterfly
Colourful Butterfly
The main activity in Houéyogbé is agriculture. They grow; corn, peanuts, beans, tomatoes, lady’s fingers, cassava, sugar cane and rice, but the presence of Rivers and others water in Doutou, Honhoué and Sè promotes the finishing.
Other activities like trade, handicraft, and sand and grit exploitation.
Harvested corn
Harvested corn
Fauna to see here; little ruminants, birds and insects.
There are some touristic potentialities like the sacred forest in Doutou and Honhoué, but the tourism is very less developed. There is also a cultural event in Sè: Adjraa, it is a Zinlin music celebration and competition.

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