Entrance of Savalou
Entrance of Savalou


is a city located in the Collines Department in Benin. Savalou is situated 30 kilometers from the city Dassa and 237 km from Cotonou. It lays on the highway to Djougou in the northwest. A dirt path leads to the Togo border at about 38 km.
The commune covers an area of 2674 square kilometers and as of 2012 had a population of 35,433 people.
Agriculture is the main activity with corn, yam and cashews.  There are numerous of cashew trees in the area of Savalou. Cashewnuts can be bought all over Benin in old whisky and other bottles.
The name Savalou comes from: Sa – Friendship and Avalou – Tribute.
Interesting things to visit in Savalou:
  • The Royal Palace of the Savalou Kingdom you can find the history of the founders of this Kingdom, King Soha Gbaguidi I, who started this Kingdom in the 17th century(1600-1618).
  • Mausoleum of King Ahoussou Soha.
  • Visit the museum of cultures, hunting and FA.
  • The Museum of History and Ethnography.
  • Voodoo Dankoli in the village Doissa, the voodoo Dankoli is so powerful it doesn’t need a priest to communicate with.

Dankoli Voodoo Savalou web_MG_9706

Dankoli Voodoo

  • A festival which takes place once a year: Yam festival from 13 to 15 of August.

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