is a city located 255 km north from Cotonou. It lies on the Cotonou-Parakou railway. The city of Savé lies in the Collines department, Shabè country.
In this city you can see many hills with a height of about 200-300 meter, with special boulders, but especially two are very nice they look like young girls breast and called “les Mammelles” (The Breasts).
There are many hills which makes the city famous for climbers, but wanderers can enjoy here too.
You can see the hill “Oke/OYI-Amon” this hill produces a kind of butter, used to cure people.
The hill “Oke/Adjagbo” is a sacred headquarter of the Shabè divinities.
Savé also has a Royal Palace which you can visit.
Savé is also the headquarter of the Guelede dance, this dance is recognized by UNESCO.

Glèlèdè Festival Ketou_MG_5140-1

In Savé there are many cultural and ethnic groups but the majority is Shabè people, with those indigenous people live the Fon, Idaasha, Bètamaribè, Peulh, Adja, and more people.
They have many religious practices. Religion: 48% Catholics, 18.3% Muslims, 10.3 % animists, 12.8% Protestants, and 10.7% other new English-Saxon Christian religious.

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